Spring forming machines


Spring benders of Nicemach company are universal automatic machines equipped in 11 numerically controlled axes. Such a configuration allows for free and precise setting of machine operation parameters pursuant to the required workpiece shape. Servomechanisms which are responsible for the movement of the given axes are programmable what makes the machine very universal in comparison to traditional cam benders. 


Spring benders are available in three sizes:

  • NMCL25 within the diameter range of Ø0.8-2.5mm,
  • NMCL30 within the diameter range of Ø1.0-3.5mm,
  • NMCL40 within the diameter range of Ø1.0-4.0mm.


The most important functions and advantages:

  • 11 numerically controlled axes,
  • universal, fully programmable automatic machines for springs,
  • impulse generator for manual inspection of each and every axis,


Presentation of spring forming machines: