Pipe bending machines


CNC pipe benders make up a group of technologically advanced machines intended for spatial bending of pipes, sections and bars made of steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. The technological solutions applied allow for forming of thin-walled pipes and sections with small radii at the same time maintaining high quality within the bent surfaces. CNC benders are used for large-volume and repeatable production of both, plane bent simple workpieces as well as spatial complicated products. The machines were designed and equipped in subassemblies which allow multi-shift operation at the same time guarantying long-term and faultless use. The offer covers five models of fully electric benders controlled from 5 until 10 axes.


CNC mandrel benders are offered within the pipe efficiency ranges from Ø4mm to Ø90mm. All the range of Nicemach pipe bending machines are fully electric units with pneumatic support. It gives advantages in case of production time spare, less electricity consumption as well as environmental protection in comparison with hybrid electro-hydraulic benders. 


The most important functions and advantages:

  • the main working motions are realized with the use of precise servomechanisms,
  • push bending of constant and changing radii (push bending) in one material load,
  • special equipment for non-standard operations, e.g. bending in bending, scratch removal, etc.,
  • possible modifications of standard versions (elongation of the machine body and mandrel, additional axes, etc.). 


Presentation of pipe bending machines: